Our life experience has taught us that innovation is inextricably linked to diversity, and high performance requires inclusion and trust.  At humble ventures, we support and invest in diverse founders and organizations creating solutions for diverse audiences.

    Who We Are

    humble ventures helps founders and innovators identify and prioritize problem-solving to address opportunity, and leave a positive lasting impact in the world.

    Harry Alford

    Ajit Verghese

    Our MODEL

    We approach the world from a problem-focused perspective. We connect problems to solutions using:



    We use lean startup methodology and a design thinking approach to help startups and established organizations grow.



    We purposefully convene community through in-person and virtual programming  to identify and audition partners who help our clients grow.



    We provide non-dilutive grant funding and invest capital for equity through our fund and via other partners.

    These activities help us due diligence and evaluate opportunities for investment. 

    OUR Fund: humblethread$

    If you want to be involved in changing the status quo of startups, diversifying the ecosystem, and also believe in investing in diverse founders and organizations creating solutions for diverse audiences, then you should buy humblethread$.

    Resources & Content

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    WOrk WIth US

    If you are an organization of any size trying to build your own post-pandemic operating model, or a startup in need of sales and marketing support as you’re scaling customer acquisition 

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