Our Approach

We connect problems to solutions using:

Lean Startup

Love the problem, not the solution. We aim to optimize all your activities to drive learnings about your customer and business model in the shortest amount of time.

Design Thinking

If you want to go fast, go alone; but if you want to go far, go togetherWe build a common language, strategy and metrics for success across internal and external audiences, regardless of background, bias or perspective.

Power of Community

Luck is when preparation meets opportunity. Purposefully creating in-person and virtual programming alongside content helps us drive impactful outcomes in the shortest amount of time for our clients, partners and investments

Our Model



We run design-thinking workshops to identify problems worth solving with partners who need help. We provide innovation-as-a-service and work alongside clients to identify pathways for growth. We provide sales support to organizations who need help in capturing demand.



We purposefully convene community through in-person and virtual events and activation to identify and audition partners who help our clients grow. We facilitate innovation challenges to help clients discover crowdsourced solutions to their critical problems. We deliver virtual startup cohorts on behalf of sponsors who care about accelerating specific types of early stage founders and businessess.



We provide non-dilutive grant funding to early stage businesses, invest financial capital for equity through our fund and network, or provide sales and operations support tied to revenue in exchange for equity.